Post: Startup Talk with MyHixel

At the May Startup Talk Patricia López Trabajo, CEO and Founder of MYHIXEL, told us about her personal experience as a female entrepreneur and the challenges she has faced to position her company as a leader in the male sexual wellness sector.


Furthermore, in this edition we have had special guests, women entrepreneurs from all over Europe from The Break Alliance programme who have participated in this Startup Talk, an activity included in our Technological Entrepreneurship For Women programme.


In fact, three of them have been the protagonists of the pitching round:


  • Motus Health GmbH: application focused on the recovery of stroke victims and their relatives
  • Cubicle Club: connects disused spaces with people who need a place to work or study.
  • MicroAcoustiX: startup developing a technology that allows replacing old blood centrifugation techniques with a chip that performs this function more efficiently and in an automated way.


In addition, we had a round table discussion with Patricia López, Víctor Ayllón, Ricardo Catalán and Ricardo Torres about ‘Alternative Funding’.

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