Startup Accelerator

by Camaratech

The Emprésate 360 Office of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville launches a startup acceleration and mentoring program for entrepreneurs seeking to create a Minimum Viable Product and validate the business opportunity.

For Startups


Identify from the Chamber of Commerce of Seville the best entrepreneurial talent, to accompany them in the ideation, validation and maturation of their projects or startups, facilitating the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Seville.

Target audience

We look for startups led by people capable of developing a great product or service: Teams that see opportunities where others do not; that lead teams generating enthusiasm, motivation, effort and passion; that identify their talents and shortcomings, and work hard to enhance their strengths and reduce their weaknesses; that are willing to learn and share knowledge every day, and that are strongly committed to their team and their project.

Program Content

The CámaraTech program includes a detailed diagnosis, a project roadmap, a group training program covering the idea, validation, launch and funding phase, working with tools, practical methodologies and customized deliverables; a mentoring program with experts to facilitate the practical and real application, and a tutored development program, providing individual support to solve difficulties and develop each project.

Program Benefits

After participating in CámaraTech, startups will have the opportunity to enjoy the services of the Chamber of Seville, a space where companies can create and foster relationships, a community where they can have legal and technological support and access to grants and subsidies; a tool to enhance their visibility.