Post: Seville attracts international talent to create startups

La Fábrica de Sevilla supports 5,000 students from 34 countries through technological entrepreneurship programs.

The purpose is to attract international talent to settle in the city to create or work in startups.

La Fábrica de Sevilla, an initiative promoted by the Chamber of Commerce Foundation of Seville, the Seville City Council and Founders Seville, has signed a collaboration agreement with the international association Erasmus Student Network to boost in 5.000 international students from 34 countries on technological entrepreneurship and the startup development with global ambition in the city of Seville.


Ramón Bullón, Marketing Director of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville and coordinator of La Fábrica de Sevilla, in the presence of Noelia Zarate, President of ESN, signed the partnership agreement and discussed with members of the management team the opportunity that the signing of this agreement means for the city, which will facilitate the presence of La Fábrica de Sevilla in the national event that will bring together 2,000 international students in the city from October 20th to 22nd.


Seville currently has more than 70 technological startups operating in the world, some of them leaders in their sectors such as Galgus or Cover Manager, among others. These companies have brought more than 250 million euros in investment to Seville, generating more than 2,000 highly qualified jobs and placing the city among the leading cities in generating opportunities for the development of technological startups.


Alvaro Pimentel, delegate of Economy, Employment and Consumer Affairs, is in charge of coordinating the development of the activities of La Fábrica de Sevilla from the Seville City Council. to place Seville at the European epicenter of capital that develops and attracts talent for the development of technology-based startups that operate worldwide, promoting the initiatives that are already being developed and that will be the top technology companies of the next few years.


The specific program promoted by La Fábrica de Sevilla for these students includes the following guidelines:

  • Student participation in a research study to analyze the keys that the city of seville must meet (spaces, services, accommodation, financing, training, …) to become one of the European epicenters for the development of Startups operating in the world and capable of attracting international talent.
  • Development of a technical seminar on startup creation and entrepreneurial development for Erasmus students by successful Sevillian entrepreneurs with extensive international experience, analyzing the key levers in the process of creating technology companies.
  • Presentation of the Soft Landing Resources Guide of the city of Seville to attract future European entrepreneurs to our city presenting all the available resources and the necessary links to access them.
  • Access to the Talento Pro International program of La Fábrica de Sevilla, which facilitates the participation of these students in professional activities sharing spaces with professionals from companies in the city of Seville to promote international networking. These activities develop in the areas of marketing, internationalization, quality, management, etc.,
  • Inclusion in a human resources database for Sevillian startups operating in the world as a channel for employment and collaboration from their countries of origin.
  • Inclusion in La Fábrica de Sevilla’s ambassador program as a future connection in their country to channel international local entrepreneurs to the city of Seville.

La Fábrica de Sevilla has been carrying out its activities since October of last year and more than 3,000 national and international professionals have participated in its various activities. In October, 22 women entrepreneurs from 10 EU countries will spend a month in the city of Seville and will work with La Fábrica de Sevilla to develop their business projects, promoting entrepreneurial networking with local entrepreneurs and learning about the city’s resources to locate their projects.

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