Post: La Fábrica de Sevilla and the Chamber of Commerce host 60 women entrepreneurs from Europe and Africa

The Chamber of Commerce of Seville and La Fábrica de Sevilla are hosting 60 women entrepreneurs from Europe and Africa and their training teams to exchange knowledge and train them in technological entrepreneurship with global ambition.


During May, June and October in Seville, they will participate in a polyvalent programme of entrepreneurial empowerment and meeting with the local ecosystem, hand in hand with the Chamber of Commerce and La Fábrica de Sevilla.


La Fábrica de Sevilla and the Chamber of Commerce of Seville, in their desire to promote an entrepreneurial culture that includes an egalitarian ecosystem and the creation of an international network of women entrepreneurs, promote international initiatives from the city of Seville with the presence of these 60 entrepreneurs from different European and African countries, promoting the knowledge of the resources of the city of Seville at the service of entrepreneurs and startups.


In this way, the aim is to stimulate the entrepreneurial culture, offering a global immersion experience, always taking into account the singularities of each of the entrepreneurs and their respective projects.


The reality is that there is gender inequality in the world of entrepreneurship, so it is crucial to develop programmes that promote the inclusion of women in the ecosystem and aim to contribute to reducing the gender gap.


Amongst the experiences attending, we found very diverse companies with great potential, such as Motus Healthfocused on the individualised rehabilitation of people who have suffered a stroke and their families; or MicroAcoustiX (CleanPlasma), a startup that develops a technology that allows replacing old blood centrifugation techniques with a chip that performs this function more efficiently and in an automated way. The tourism sector is at the heart of the initiatives of African entrepreneurs and Seville, with its international references, has been chosen to highlight the opportunities within this sector.


During the period of time that this programme lasts, they will participate in different activities of La Fábrica de Sevilla, which will allow them to promote their businesses, create alliances and generate commercial and investment opportunities in Seville.


Before arriving in the city, they started training remotely via webinars from their countries of residence, which they then continued in a face-to-face format. These sessions include both individual and group mentoring, in which they work on all the key aspects of their projects, including an internationalisation plan, strategy analysis or preparation of their pitch, among others.


In addition, they have had the opportunity to respond to a local challenge, which consists of developing a plan to ensure that the city of Seville is seen from abroad as a reference territory in technological entrepreneurship and innovation.



In addition to all these activities, there are also three master classes given by women entrepreneurs: Carolina Marín, Esther Delgado and Julie Garaway; and the participation of all the entrepreneurs in activities of La Fábrica de Sevilla, such as the Startup Talks.



Finally, they will be named ambassadors of La Fábrica de Sevilla for their countries, with the aim of generating an ecosystem of international entrepreneurship and mutual help, so that they can be transmitters of all the knowledge obtained and allow the consolidation of a community of global impact that puts the city of Seville and its resources as a reference for hosting initiatives of this type.

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