Post: Self-knowledge Workshop Applied to Entrepreneurship

La Fábrica de Sevilla has organised a workshop with the entrepreneur David Troya on self-knowledge in entrepreneurship. This lecture was given at the University of Berkeley, California, and we have brought it exclusively to La Fábrica de Sevilla.

Self-knowledge is essential for personal and professional development and growth. It is vital to know your strengths, weaknesses and motivations, as knowing them will allow you to make better and more conscious decisions and overcome those limitations that prevent you from achieving success. In addition, knowing the other enneatypes you relate to allows you to communicate more effectively, encouraging empathy and mutual respect. Impulsive reactions are also avoided, learning to manage stress in a healthy way and achieving greater emotional stability.

What did the workshop attendees do?

  • Group dynamics based on the personality enneagram, which classifies the different personalities into 9 enneagrams, were carried out.
  • Thanks to the different activities, they have been able to define key features of their personalities in order to know themselves and facilitate their development.
  • They have discovered how to apply their strengths and weaknesses in the field of entrepreneurship.

They also explored real cases of highly successful professionals who have used their uniqueness to achieve their goals, such as Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs.

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